How to Setup a Nuxt.js Application using Create Nuxt App

A quick guide on how to set up a Nuxt.js application using Create Nuxt App.

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  • Have Node.js installed, I recommend you have the latest LTS version installed.

Getting Started


Make sure you have npx installed (npx is shipped by default since npm v5.2.0) or npm v6.1 or yarn.

Open your terminal of choice.

# Using NPM
npm init nuxt-app <project-name>
# Using NPX
npx create-nuxt-app <project-name>
# Using Yarn
yarn create nuxt-app <project-name>

It will ask you some questions: project name, Nuxt options, UI framework, TypeScript, linter, testing framework, etc... To learn more about what all these options mean you can read the of Create Nuxt App here

Once all questions have been answered, it will install all the required dependencies.

You can now navigate to the project folder and start coding!